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“Beautify Yourself With These 5 Homely Tricks With No Makeup”

For most women, makeup is an important tool in their everyday life. Ladies these days are even forgetting their morning routine and they seem busy in carefully applying makeup and go fresh – faced instead. But following some beauty rules can help you look great and in minimizing the beauty products on your face.

1.Let Your Eyebrows Look Attractive To any girl without makeup, the eyebrows inevitably become the center of attraction on the face. Shape your eyebrows to perfect. If you aren’t with thick brows, apply a mixture of castor oil and vitamin ‘A’ to your eyebrows everyday.
2.Take care of your lips You can’t ignore caring your lips as it also need some nurturing with all essential nutrition, moisturization and even reasonable exfoliation sometimes. You can replace your lip balm with olive oil or any other natural oil, massage your lips with your fingertips.